10/27/2015 Balls and Barbells

Going Away Dinner for Cat, Thurs 10/29, the Standard Pour at 6:45pm.  Please RSVP to Cheryl by Wednesday!!

Gymnastics Clinic, Sunday November 8th.  Sign Up sheet on the whiteboard.  Space limited.  Cost is $25.  Come learn core strengthening, balance, flexibility and HANDSTAND tips and tricks with Tracy Johnson!!


Another strong and impressive-looking goblet squat executed by Viney.

SWOD: (5 rounds or 15 min time cap)

15 slam balls (40/25 lbs)

50 m sprint (SPRINT!)

walk back to the starting point and use that time as your rest.

⊗⊗ if there is not a slam ball available upon your return to the start, rest until one becomes available and then proceed.

⊗⊗⊗ slam balls must be unbroken, if 15 is too many, scale to 10 UNBROKEN reps instead.

WOD:  (20 min time cap)


10 shoulder press

15 overhead squats

20 push presses

25 front squats

30 push jerks

35 back squats

All exercises will be done with (115/85 lb).  Bars will come from floor.

⊗⊗ Any time the barbell is dropped to the ground, there is a 5 burpee box jump penalty before you can continue.  Have your boxes ready.  Do not scale too light in fear of penalties!!  Push yourself to NOT drop the bar!


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