10/26/2015 I Got 99 Problems But a Bench Ain’t One

Join us for a Going Away Dinner for Cat this Thursday, 10/29, the Standard Pour, 6:45pm RSVP to Cheryl by Wednesday so we can get a head count!  Let’s send Cat off on her next life adventure with some CFS love! ♥


Crystal holding a solid plank during last week’s WOD.

We will be hosting another Gymnastics Clinic with Tracy Johnson, on Sunday November 8th!  See sign up sheet on the whiteboard.  If you missed the last clinic, you have another opportunity to learn some tricks and techniques to improve your handstands, handstand walks and balance/flexibility/core strength skills.  Come join us for some fun!


Close Grip Bench Press

5 X 5

The close-grip barbell bench press is an upper-body pressing drill that emphasizes building strength in the triceps as well as the chest. This exercises also increases upper body pushing strength. By placing your hands closer than shoulder-width apart, you force your triceps to do more of the work, thus making this an effective arm-building exercise.


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

3-6-9-12…and so on

KB swings (1.5/1 pood)

Toes 2 Bar

rest 3 minutes

then from whatever rep number you were on at the 10 minute mark, work your way back down to completion

A few simple bench press tips:

Plant the Feet:  The feet should be set before leaning back to begin the bench press. Plant your feet in a solid position, and after they are set do not move them. If you have a tendency to raise your butt/lower back off of the bench when you bench press, try a wider foot position as opposed to a narrow position with feet under the bench.
Bob, But Don’t Weave:  When you begin the lift do not press towards the rack on your way up. I use the coaching cue, “bob, don’t weave,” to indicate the athlete should press straight up and bring the bar straight down, and not at an angle back towards the rack. Lifting in this “weave” motion can more than double the distance the bar travels, thus making you appear much weaker than you actually are.

Elbows In:  A majority of what you may see in commercial gym today, is an elbows out pressing motion, and is what can lead to injury most easily. You must keep the elbows in with the bar over your wrists, so as to engage the lats in the bottom position.

Press With the Lats:  In the bottom position you should not let your joints and shoulders take the brunt of all the weight you are lifting. Control the weight at the bottom, keep the elbows in, and engage your chest, lats, and triceps for the press. Using bigger muscles means lifting bigger weights – deltoids aren’t much in comparison to the lats.
Stay Tight:  The whole body should be tight during the bench press. Tighten your quads, your abdominals, and all muscles involved in the pressing motion. It helps to squeeze the bar as tight as you can, as this has a tendency to keep the rest of your body tight.
Don’t Forget the Triceps:  Don’t forget to add in movements like the close grip bench press to help get stronger triceps. A big chest is not the key to a big bench press. The key is training the right muscles with the right lifts, i.e. pecs, lats, and triceps.”-Jerred Moon, Breaking Muscle, I Got 99 Problems But A Bench Ain’t One.


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