10/21/2015 Swing and Snatch


“Swing and snatch combos provide a total body workout with highly coordinated and technical movements that build total body and mind resiliency and endurance. Build not just muscular, but cardio-respiratory endurance as well, with proper breathing techniques and awareness of breath.  These work the posterior chain, shoulders, forearms, and even the fingers. Guess what else it works? The mind. Sport training is highly technical so this kind of repetitious drill and skill work can be helpful mental training that transfers to any and all sports.  Develop a stronger midline through activation and stabilization of the core. Even better than that, develop a stronger low back. I have said this before and will say it again – a strong low back is the key to any and all athletic movement. Not only do you get the strength benefit, but also endurance benefit through the low back.  Asymmetrical loading is the goal of the single arm swing to further activate and stabilize the core. Additionally, grip strength is an important part of the execution of this swing”-breakingmuscle.com


For time…

50 Double Under BUY IN

4 Rounds

(1.5/1 pood)

10 kb snatch

100m sprint

15 goblet squats

100m sprint

20 Russian hand-2-hand swings

100m sprint

1 minute plank hold

100m run

50 Double Under CASH OUT

Cody and Dani show us that sometimes it's easier to focus when your eyes are closed.

Cody, Dani and Viney show us that sometimes it’s easier to focus when your eyes are closed.


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