8/18/15 Great Job on the Dead Lift PRs Yesterday!!! Let’s See What We Can Do With The Shoulder PRESS Today!!!

Chasity and Jeanne working their slam balls!!

Chasity and Jeanne working their slam balls!!


Find your 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press


5 Rounds of the following 90 Second AMRAP

5 Back Squat From The Rack (155/110)

10 Russian KB Swings (2.0/1.5)

15 Push-ups

Double Unders for Reps

Rest 2 Minutes

***At the start of the clock, athletes will have 90 seconds to complete 5 back squats, 10 KB swings and 15 push-ups. With the remainder of the 90 seconds, you will do as many double unders as possible. You will then rest 2 minutes and repeat this sequence 4 more times

***Score is total number of double unders after 5 rounds.

***Make sure to scale appropriately. The object is to sprint through the reps and make it to the double unders with 30-45 seconds left.

Back Squat Technique pointers in the video below

NOTE FROM THE COACHES: As a friendly reminder, please do not walk around on the black mats or up by the white board during class while you are waiting for the next class to begin. This can be distracting to the athletes and coaches. THANK YOU!!!





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