8/17/15 Let’s See How Our Strength Program is WORKING!!!! Time for some 1 REP MAXES!!!

Great time had by all on Saturday at the Summer Slam 7 – hosted by CrossFit Oakdale!!! Below are some pics showing the awesome group representing CFS!!!! Chasity Machado took 3rd in the RX Division, Jen Moran took 3rd in the Masters Division and Allison Autrey took 1st in the Masters. Amie Wycoff took 5th in the scaled womens, Samantha Darrin took 11th in the RX Division, Carly Lucchesi took 10th in the RX Division, Jordan Woodworth took 11th in the RX Division, Matt Lora took 18th in the RX Division and Ann Thompson took 6th in the Masters Division!!! So proud of everyone!!! Thanks to everyone who came to watch and support the group!! An unforgettable day!!



11891139_10207629019509597_4159617991215566401_n 11902434_10207629020509622_6068304787137644033_n 11709661_10207629019869606_9056085593687255086_n 11049590_10207629019789604_5171466644077041568_n 11870651_10207629020629625_678335144016018322_n11870774_10207629019149588_5728628959646841819_nIMG_4362

SWOD: (25 Minutes)

Find your 1 Rep Max

Deadlift and Shoulder Press



Pull Ups


Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)




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