7/18/15 Saturday PARTNER WOD!!



Partner WOD

– Kettle Bell Snatch/Front Rack Hold (1.5/1 & 165/125)

– Box Jump/Plank Hold (24/20)

– Air Squats/Handstand Hold

– Double Unders/Barbell High-Hang Hold (165/125)

* 4 minutes per station
* 1 min rest between stations

-Partner 1 performs as many KB snatch as possible while partner 2 holds barbell in front rack position.  Teams may switch positions as many times as they want during the 4 minutes… But both partners must be working at the same time in order for reps to count.

-Teams have 1 minute to rest/change stations, then proceed through the box jump, air squat, & double-under stations in the same manner described above

*Score is total reps from all stations

For entertainment value…please see video below!!!


Watch this incredible documentary on the California Regional Team Competition!!! If this doesn’t get you excited for the team competition coming up July 21-23 at the CrossFit Games, NOTHING WILL!!! (if you are not able to attend the Games, live event coverage will be available on http://games.crossfit.com/.



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