07/13/2015 No YOGA this AM!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed some Yoga at Pinecrest Lake!

This week is the deload week of our Wendler Strength Program.  You will notice that the loads we are lifting are significantly lighter to allow for muscle recovery and rehab.  This is necessary to build strength and achieve gains.  Take advantage of the lighter loads and really focus on proper form and mechanics.







shoulder press

5 @ 40%

5 @ 50%

5+ @ 60%


for time

100 back squats (95/75#)

*athletes will work from the rack

*at the top of every 2 minutes, athletes will rack the bar and do a 100 m run, return and resume where they left off until 100 squats total are performed.

Shannon has 4 2015 CrossFit Games all access passes for sale!! Face value of $275 each, don’t miss this chance to be part of the action!!  Call or text Shannon at (209) 608-6696.


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