6/20/15 LAKE WOD TODAY!!!! And GOODBYE JORDAN!! You will be missed!!!

This is the best one!!! How much better can the tights get??!!!

10660146_873647962645993_427258073338832891_n 11102628_991749484169173_6871328911168722976_n 10857743_1004423172901804_7963323721731992136_n 11053512_1007299119280876_7014395795878024901_n 20150617951602519516630THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!! HOW AWESOME ARE THOSE TIGHTS!!!

img_7911 img_1558

And.....the finale!!!

And…..the finale!!!

JORDAN: You truly have brought a bright light and a committed mind to CFS! We have seen you blossom into an incredible athlete and an amazing person! You are an example of what CrossFit is all about! Finding your strengths and making them incredible and finding your weaknesses and working on them to make them your strengths. We can all learn from your dedication to the sport!!! You will be missed!!!


Lake WOD at Don and Christina’s. (see yesterday’s post for details!!)

This will take the place of the regular 9am class!!! SEE YOU AT THE LAKE!!




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