06/16/2015 Lake WOD/Farewell Jorden, this Saturday!


Lake WOD and “Going Away” Potluck for Jorden this Saturday 6/20!  Please arrive at 9 am.  WOD will start at 9:30am.  Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch home Connor Estates 1133 Shoreline Court.  At the Gate push 022 and they will open the gate for you!  Please bring a dish to share, towels, sunscreen and swim attire!!  Help us send Jorden off with best wishes and a great time!

Next week we will be starting the Wendler Strength Program.  We’ve done this program before and have seen some pretty significant gains, but it’s important that we review a couple of key points…

This week we will be establishing 1 rep max’s on the four lifts we will concentrate on: deadlift, back squat, shoulder press, and bench press.  We will use those 1 RMs to establish our baseline weights for each of these lifts going forward, SO IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO RECORD YOUR 1 RM’s THIS WEEK!

The Wendler Program is a four week cycle where the athlete will work from 90% of their established 1 RM (for example, if you deadlift 200 lbs, then your base starting next week is 90% of that-or 180 lbs.)

We will go into more detail as we move through this.  Strength programs are only as valuable as the effort we put into them (this is true of most things in life, right?)  Get some good numbers this week, and plan on hitting it HARD next week!  Everyone should be stoked to get started!

Stay tuned for more info!


find your 1 RM shoulder press


From CF Linchpin


power snatch (95/65 lbs)

double unders (4 X singles)


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