05/30/2015 Luc’s Run Today and Buddy Fran!

You still have time to sign up for the 2 mi or 6 mi run at 7am at Tuolumne Memorial Hall this morning!!  Liv Like Luc!


Come support our very own local Hero and the Major Lucas Gruenther Legacy Foundation  with a 2 mile or 6 mile run beginning at the Tuolumne Memorial Hall.  Sign ups and check in at 7 am.  2 miler starts at 8am and 6 miler starts at 9am!


Buddy Fran


thrusters (95/65 lbs)


One partner will hang from the pull-up bar while the other partner does thrusters.  (When your partner lets go of the pull up bar, the other person can no longer do thrusters until they are back in the hanging position again.)

One partner will do pull-ups while the other sits in the bottom of the front squat with their barbell.  (Partner may not do pull-ups until the other is in the bottom of the squat)

Both partners will complete all thrusters, then move on to complete all pull-ups.



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