5/5/15 Cinco de Mayo!!! Get your WOD in BEFORE you CELEBRATE!!

IMG_1269 11136641_1002452023098919_7689955105431378288_nWOD:

Part A: (20 Minute Time Cap)

100 Thrusters For Time (95/65)

***Every time the bar is dropped, you must complete 40 Double Unders before picking the bar back up

Part B:

Alternating Tabata Rounds of

Handstand Push ups/Sit-up

***The first 6 rounds are alternating between 20 seconds of HSPU and then 20 seconds of sit-ups (always with the 10 sec rest). They you will complete 4 rounds straight of just sit-ups. 

Interesting article on “Gatorade’s Hydration Confessions”….an inside look into what CrossFit Inc. is taking on and trying to expose the big soda corporations for years of lies, false advertisements and science in the name of the almighty $$$!!!




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