Group WOD and Intro to CrossFit instruction from the CFS/GNC Open House!!!

10644516_994333750577413_2115276830901037127_n 11081247_994333710577417_2035194518908272181_n 11149478_994333580577430_2738711978618334955_n 11053346_994333667244088_6720911260782673294_n 11136749_994333543910767_8443640623461918056_n 11146526_994333693910752_5131359330624168379_n 14663_994333677244087_3917676201163806261_n 11156191_994333650577423_123421198384197419_n 11133666_994333593910762_5577463033794205286_n



21 deadlifts (135/95)

9 muscle ups

15 power cleans

15 C2B pullups

9 squat snatch

21 pull ups


21 deadlifts

9 chin ups/ strict

15 power cleans

15 pull ups

9 squat clean and jerk

21 jumping pull ups

Mobility comes first with COACH BURGENER…(check out these mobility exercises)


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