04/13/2015 Thank You to Our Coaching Staff and Members!


Warming up for “Grace” during yesterday’s OPEN HOUSE


Post Team WOD during the OPEN HOUSE yesterday

Post Team WOD during the OPEN HOUSE yesterday

Yesterday’s OPEN HOUSE was a big success!  If you missed it, you should be a little bummed, not gonna lie!!  Special thanks to our awesome coaching staff that led and assisted with the workshops: Nic, Grant, Jorden, Sarah, Slater, Seth, Mike and Kim. We had 12 first-timer Intro to CrossFit athletes, some sweet instruction, a little beer and a lot of fun.  Shout out to CFS Member Kim DaSilva from GNC Sonora who planned and organized the largest part of our event, and showered us with the gifts of GNC SWAG!!  Also gotta hand it to our members for spreading the word and sharing the love with their friends and family members.  To all of you who showed up early to set up, brought food and stayed late to help clean, we appreciate each of you beyond words.  Also want to mention our guests Jazzmin Nieves, CMT-Apprentice, Community Chiropractic Staff-Dr. Lund, Dr. Jose, and Keli Rudd, CMT, Rejoice with Oils-Brittan Hall, Dr. Leslie Cooper-Wellness MD, and Ellora Weston, DPM of Peak Performance and thank them for their expert advice and tips!  Performs, Kill Cliff, GQ-6 and Cellucor products were sampled and loved by all as well!  A great time was had by all!



snatch balance


500 m ROW

10 thrusters (135/95 lbs)

20 ring dips

30 box jumps

40 sit ups

50 double unders

40 sit ups

30 box jumps

20 ring dips

10 thrusters


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