4/1/15 Which Pair can lift 20,000 Pounds First?


HAHAHA! April Fools!!! See below for how many pounds you actually have to lift!!!

Partner WOD

“Two Tons of Fun”

Clean 4000#

250 Air Squats

150 Pull-ups

-Each athlete will use their own bar, facing their partner.  Athletes will choose weight that is moderately challenging, but can be sustained for as many reps as it takes to reach the 4000# goal.  The idea is to reach the goal with as few reps as possible!! Teams will work together to determine how many reps are needed at their chosen weights, to clean 2 tons

-After lifting 4000#, teams will proceed to performing a total of 250 squats, then 150 pull-ups.  Only one athlete may work at a time, during all 3 movements.


  • “Burnout” sweatshirt and “slouchy crew” sweatshirts must be pre-ordered. Check the whiteboard to sign up and pay if you would like one!!! $35 for sweatshirts and $25 for slouchy crew sweatshirt.
  • Tanks will be ordered to have on stock in the office. If you wish to purchase one, you do NOT need to pre-order.

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