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“As every Olympic lifter fully understands, doing full snatches and clean and jerks requires a high degree of flexibility in every part of the body. All the major muscle groups and corresponding attachments are involved in the two competitive lifts: shoulder girdle, back, and hips and legs. A lack of flexibility in the shoulders will prevent the lifter from locking out snatches and jerks. It may also keep him from racking a weight on his shoulders while cleaning. Tightness in the hips will have an adverse affect on getting into a low position for snatches and cleans.”-excerpt from the CrossFit Journal

Don’t forget CrossFit Sonora has an excellent yoga program right here on site!  Now is a great time to add flexibility and mobility to your training regimen.  Kim Brody of Mountain Om Yoga offers yoga four times weekly.  Three of her four classes are offered adjacent to regularly scheduled CrossFit class times, so why not spend a little extra time on this often overlooked area of training?  Kim’s classes incorporate strength, flexibility, meditation and some good old fashioned pampering, which is imperative to recovery and relaxation.  Come see what it’s all about!  Cost is $5 for CFS members/SRMC employees and it’s open to the public for $10 per session, punch cards available.


deadlift, find your 5 rep max

pullups, 3 x max reps


5 rounds for time…

15 kb swings (70/53 lbs)

15 burpees




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