01/10/2015 Death by 10 Meters with Chris Today!



6 am is a little early to do math, according to Carole and Marni:)


Death by 10 meters

At the top of the 1st minute, sprint 10 m.  At the top of the 2nd minute, sprint 10 m x 2.  At the top of the 3rd minute, sprint 10 m x 3.  Continue to add an additional 10 m sprint at the top of each minute until you can no longer complete the designated number of sprints within that minute.

Many of you have not done this WOD since you first ON RAMPED!  If you’d like to compare your results, the on ramp binder is on the shelf near the whiteboard, take a look at your old paperwork!!


Sam with a huge PR session during yesterday’s CFT 2 workout


Amie and Americo show Jorden how it’s done!

Love the major gains we’ve seen in the gym this week.  All of our athletes put incredible amounts of time and effort into their day-to-day workouts, and the coaches, as well as other members are richly rewarded when those results are truly measurable.  We ALL celebrate when each individual achieves a PR!!

January Birthdays

01-09 Kara Duarte

01-10 Jack St. Clair

01-21 Shannon Hildebrand

01-24 Chasity Machado

01-25 Maren Paris

01-25 Cassy Buckingham

01-27 Kristie Laxague






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