01/07/2014 Success in CrossFit for the New Year


Marin deadlifting under the watchful eye of Slater.

10 Steps to Succeed in CrossFit
by: Dan Sullivan

Success in CrossFit is analogous to success in life. If you want to get better at either one, you have to strive each day to improve, push yourself and make positive changes. Becoming stagnant or complacent is a sure fire recipe for failure. However, it is equally important to reflect on where you have been, what you have accomplished, and where you want to go. Here are a few things that will help you make each day your very best.

1) Keep a log. In CrossFit, we always suggest that you keep accurate records. Record your times, loads, recovery activities, and general observations. This will quantify what you are doing and constantly provide real time feedback on your results and progress. This also applies to life. Keep a journal to record your personal and professional goals. Establish key benchmarks with dead lines and record regularly what progress you are making toward these goals. Think of CrossFit and life like you would a small business. Develop your business plan and then hold yourself accountable for your progress.

2) Active recovery is essential. Take fish oil, sleep 7-8 hours in a given 24 hours, drink at least a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, do basic joint mobility exercises and be mindful. Mindfulness is much like meditation. Close out the noise and let your mind rest. Give your body the things it needs to grow, repair, change and improve. Doing these things will help your personal and professional life. Keep your body healthy and your life will follow.

3) Learn constantly. Always read and watch any and all videos that you can get your hands on. Make sure, of course, they come from reputable sources. Just because something appears on the internet does not mean it is legitimate. Also, visit your local book store or download a few books on your iPad or Kindle. There are some phenomenal self-help books and resources out there for professional development and personal well being.

4) Seek out informed professionals. Someone always knows more than you, and there is no such thing as an expert. If anyone ever claims to be one, then they have just suggested that they are not open to learning themselves. Move on to the next informed resource and always double check the facts. Hire a trainer for some additional one-on-one instruction with your exercise. A life coach or business coach can also be an invaluable tool, but always try and get a referral as the better coaches often only work through referrals. This will help you avoid the scammers.

5) Put 10 minutes in each and every day. Put 10 minutes into improving your fitness, put 10 minutes into improving your mobility and put 10 minutes into being a better you. Thirty minutes a day is all it takes, but consistency is the key. Try it for one week and you will definitely see the improvement. If you say you do not have 30 minutes per day, then you are either over-scheduled or just making excuses. Manage your time better.

6) Set the benchmark as high as you can. Measure your progress against the best in the field. Your potential is likely higher than you give yourself credit for. If you set the benchmark too low you will find a great deal of success, but you will never have to challenge yourself. Likewise, if you set the benchmark much higher you might not always be successful, but you will always be working much harder than the average person.

7) Do not shy away from adversity. The greatest test you can put yourself through is facing your fears. This is where people really learn the most about themselves. Whether it is a workout that scares you, or finding the courage to switch careers, you will come out the other side a better and likely more mature person.

8) Own your weaknesses. Humility is a greater character trait than is pride. Face your limitations head on and turn your weaknesses into strengths. This in turn will make everything stronger.

9) Publicize what you are doing and what your goals are. If others know what you are up to they will not only provide another layer of accountability, but they will also show support and provide additional strength for your success.

10) 3-2-1 Get After It!!


Depending on class size, divide into two groups…

Group 1 will perform

1000m Row for time, Rest 4 minutes

500m Row for time, Rest 3 minutes

250m Row for time


Group 2 will perform 

Benchmark Girl “Cindy”

AMRAP in 20 minutes

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats

then the groups will switch, rest period between WODs will be trainer discretion…


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