12/15/14 Happy Late Birthday to Coach KARL!!! 12/13/14

Trainer Karl and Kelsea!!

Trainer Karl and Kelsea!!


Hang Clean

3 x 3


15 Minute AMRAP

10 Hang Clean into Thrusters (95/65)

20 Push ups

50 Double Unders

***Athletes will either perform 50 Double Unders or 50 singles, there will not be a 3:1 ratio for this WOD


  • Patti is back to work at Dodge for the winter. We are currently looking for someone to provide babysitting while she is gone!!! If you know of anyone, please let Cheryl know.
  • No babysitting 12/15/14, 12/16/14, and 12/18/14. We do have Anna Mae coming in this Wednesday for the AM classes as well as Friday for the 9am class. (Thanks Anna Mae!!)
  • Aubrey will be providing babysitting during the AM classes during her Christmas break from school (Thanks Aubrey!!)

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