11/24/14 We are OFFICIALLY in the NEW LOCATION!! (see below for the address)


***New address is 18901 Microtronics Way. If you drive past our old gym, turn right on the first street, which is Microtronics and make your second left into the parking lot. The FRONT DOOR to the gym is on the backside of the building…please use the front door for entry!!! We are looking forward to having classes in our new and improved space!!!

***Thank you to everyone who helped get the equipment to the new building, especially Mike, Nic and Shannon!!…and thanks to Jorden for painting a beautiful “CFS” on our new wall!!!




Rest 5 minutess…THEN

MAX dips (one set at your the weight/band you started on for your first working set of 5)

***Depending on where you are for dips, will dictate how you approach this workout. If you are able to do 5 dips in a row with no weight, you should start your first working set there. Then you can add weight for each consecutive set. If you are on a band, use the band for the first set which allows you to do 5 dips pretty easily unbroken. Then you can change bands for each set of 5.



Deadlift (115/75)

Power Clean (115/75)

Box Jump



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