11/10/2014 A Whole Lotta CLEANIN’ Goin On!

WARNING!!  This should only be viewed by a MATURE audience!!  Explicit language is used in this video…but it is soooooo HILARIOUS!

Here’s a little blast from the past.  Our previous owner used to post these funny ass videos just to make sure we didn’t take ourselves too seriously:)  It’s a great reminder that CrossFit is supposed to be FUN!!

Today (Monday) we power clean, tomorrow (Tuesday) we will power clean the floors in the NEW BUILDING!  Yippee, it’s finally happening!  Tomorrow (Tues) we will offer at 9 AM CLASS ONLY in honor of Veteran’s Day 2014, and then head over to our new location to vacuum and mop the floors to prep them for sealant.  Come check out the new palace, and anyone who would love to help will be richly rewarded with beer or Progenex, or both!  Many hands make light work, so it shouldn’t take us too long!!


1 rep max Power Clean (15-20 min time limit, coach’s discretion)



30 wall ball shots (20,14 lbs)

15 power cleans (135, 95 lbs)


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