9/12/14 We Remember EVA SCHICKE



Eva Marie Schicke was the first female CDF firefighter to be killed in the line of duty.  Firefighter Schicke was a member of an elite 9 person helitack team. On September 12th, 2004, the team was called to fight the beginning stages of the Tuolumne Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest. When the team arrived aboard their helicopter, 7 members of the team were dropped off, and 2 members remained with the helicopter to begin water drops.  While the crew was working, a wind shift blew the fire toward the crew.  With only moments to react due to the speed of the fire, firefighters were forced to run to their safety zones. Firefighter Schicke and another firefighter attempted to run uphill to the roadside safety zone. The first firefighter made it to safety; the fire overran Eva before she could reach the safety of the road.  Eva Schicke was a friend to many in the Fire/EMS realm, including many of your workout buddies and trainers here at CrossFit Sonora. Today we will celebrate her life by doing the benchmark “EVA”- and making it our own hero WOD.



800M RUN
30 KB Swings (2/1.5)
30 Pull Ups

***Try to enter this workout with a plan…how hard will you run the 800? Are you capable of doing 30 KB swings unbroken? If not, can you choose an amount which is challenging yet realistic? How many pull-ups are you able to do unbroken? Choose a number which is close to that and try as hard as you can to stick to that number. Do you normally use a band when doing pull-ups? If you do, try a band with less assistance. If you are doing ring rows for pull-ups, try to do more unbroken than you are used to or try to angle your body to a more horizontal position. These are the types of ideas you can throw around before starting the workout. Bottom line….challenge yourself…and don’t go into the workout without a plan!!! Have fun and remember EVA!!!***




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