8/4/14 SUPPORT THE LEGEND….(see website below)

Americo in a perfect L-sit!!!

Americo in a perfect L-sit!!!

Below is an article about “cheating” in CrossFit….bringing an interesting viewpoint about how cheating is more than just the idea that “you are cheating yourself” when taking into consideration what CrossFit is all about….WORTH THE READ!! I am sure we have all at some point been tempted to cut a rep on our workout!! There is no reason to ever go to that place….NOT in the box and NOT with our community! 
Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
100 Singles
10 Slam Balls(40/25)
15weighted Hip xtn

45 second Plank 


Back Squat 3×5(add 5 lb to last workout)
Shoulder Press 3×5(add 5 lb to last workout)
AMRAP in 15:00 minutes
3 Back Squats(95/65)
6 Push Press(95/65)
9 Deadlift(95/65)
***CrossFit Sonora is supporting the efforts of “Forged”….an organization built on helping the families of fallen soldiers…please see the website below to find out more information on the specific case of “The Legend” and the Kyle Family.

In light of recent events involving a sucker punch (court settlement) to the face of our very dear friend, Taya Kyle, widow of the late Chris Kyle (American Sniper), Forged has made it a priority to offset the financial burden that she and her family are now faced with, as a result of ignorant pride.

Forged was founded in 2007, and began making a name for itself by selling a single t-shirt to help raise funds for a mortally injured Teammate who required financial assistance through his recovery process. If you did not know this, THAT is how Forged began.

Our mission to help Taya embodies the very essence of why we created Forged so many years ago. This is the fuel that fires the Brotherhood. When a Brother falls, his family must be taken care of. There is no specific foundation or organization established for this type of travesty. It is our duty as patriots, Brothers, and moral human beings to stand up and help support one of our Brother’s family in this unjust situation.

In this trying time we stand behind Taya and the kids 100%, just as we did a little over a year ago when tragedy first struck the Kyle family. With your help, Forged intends to cover a majority share of the preposterous settlement that Taya Kyle and her children are now responsible for. We have created a very special way to remember Chris by offering the design below. Chris Kyle was often referred to as ‘The Legend’. Join us to help bring some relief to Taya and the kids. You will not only have something cool to wear, but you will also be coming to the aid of the Kyle family.

*This campaign will end at Midnight on August 8th, 2014. All proceeds will be delivered to Taya Kyle personally. Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to be processed.



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