07/23/2014 Day 2 of the 2014 CrossFit Games and Hero WOD JT





In honor of Chief Petty Officer 1st class, Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan, June 2005.




ring dips

push ups

Skills:  prior to WOD

handstand push up progressions…

-15 strict pushups with perfect form to build strength and reinforce proper shoulder position

-handwalks 3 x 10, to build strength and make the athlete more comfortable being inverted

-handstand holds (3) 45-60 seconds each, which builds strength and demonstrates athlete’s ability to maintain stable shoulder and spinal position while inverted.

-shoulder touches 3×5, (while in the handstand position against the wall, athlete alternates balancing weight on one hand, then the other, building strength and balance.)

-toes on box assisted HSPU (inverted pike position with toes on box)

-paralette HSPU, toes on box

-assisted HSPU, with a buddy

-strict or kipping HSPU

Each trainer will have their own way of teaching and training, so the above is certainly not the law of the land, but it is a fairly sensible system for developing the HSPU.  It can be modified to each athletes ability level.  The purpose of the HSPU is not only to develop strength, but also to get INVERTED, which activates the vestibular system, in your inner ear.  The vestibular system controls balance and equilibrium.  We all remember from On Ramps, that BALANCE is one of the 10 general physical skills that CrossFit strives to maintain.  So let’s get upside down!




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