5/28/14 Day 17 of the Push-Up Challenge!!!

Great shot of the 5:30pm rock stars!!

Great shot of the 5:30pm rock stars!!

SKILL: 10 each arm of Turkish Get ups.  Slow and methodical with form and technique. (15 Minutes.)

7 Steps of Turkish Get Up

From the Fetal position roll onto your back and help the bell into the straight arm position. Don’t take your eyes off the bell.

Bend the leg on the same side as the bell and place the opposite arm out at 45 degrees

Crush the handle as you sit up along the line of your arm, first to elbow and then to hand. Keep the kettlebell arm down and in it socket and the opposite shoulder away from the ear

Push from the heel of the bent leg and drive your hips in the air and into full hip extension. There should be a straight line from bell to bottom hand.

Sweep the straight leg back and through to a half kneeling position.

Taking the hand off the floor straighten the body and take the eyes off the bell and look forwards.

Drive from the front heel and stand. Steady yourself and then reverse the movement.

WOD:  SPLIT JERK 2-2-2-2-2-2 (Alternate Legs).  (35 Minutes)

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****For all the mothers and fathers who have had the pleasure of Anna Mae watching our children while we work out….she is leaving for Africa soon and this Friday will be her last day. If you see her…be sure to thank her for her love and dedication to the kiddos!!!! We are EQUALLY as excited to have Patti take over Anna’s days so that there is no lapse in childcare. We are truly fortunate to have both of these amazing women watching our children!!! Thanks Anna and Patti!!!!


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