Thats our TYLER!!!

Thats our TYLER!!!

Today will be Coach Tyler’s last day at CrossFit Sonora (sad face) We were very fortunate to have him for a short period of time. Tyler is an amazing athlete, great coach and an awesome friend!!! Come join us to wish him farewell tonight at the Peppery immediately following the 5:30pm class!!!

SWOD: (If you were not in class last Monday when we attempted 1 rep max for these lifts, go ahead and try for your 1 rep max today!!)

Back Squat

3 x 5

Shoulder Press

3 x 5


20 Minute AMRAP

10 Man Maker Box Jump Overs***(35/25)

Sprint 100 Meters

10 Dumbell Push Press (35/25)

Sprint 100 meters

***You will begin by performing 1 man maker…then while holding the dumbbells, you will perform a box jump over. This is considered 1 rep. You may either jump or step onto the box or jump completely over the box. Either way, you must go over the box for the rep to count.

SCORE will be total COMPLETED rounds.


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