4/11/14 “The Broomstick Mile”





Power Clean

5 x 3 (add 5lbs to last workout)


“The Broomstick Mile”

For Time With A PCV Pipe:

25 Back Squat

25 Front Squat

25 Overhead Squat

Run 400m

25 Shoulder Press

25 Push Press

25 Push Jerk


50 Deadlift

Run 400m

50 Hang Power Snatch

Run 400m

***For those shooting for a bigger challenge, never let the PVC/bar touch the ground during the workout, and if you’re a true sadist, never take your hands off the PVC/bar during your reps. The point is to hammer the fundamentals.  Most of the foundational movements are in this WOD so let’s make it a point to use perfect form to develop muscle memory for these lifts.  Besides, a PVC is nothing right??

The following article is an interview of CrossFit Games Champion Jason KHALIPA!! He has some pretty grounded, simple advice for all CrossFitters across the board….its really short…won’t take much time!!!



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