4/9/14 Inspiring BEFORE and AFTER Photos!!!

The following photos are of two CrossFit Sonora athletes who have come a long way in such a short time. They have only been doing CrossFit for a few months!!! Along with a good diet and regular CrossFitting….they are TRUE INSPIRATIONS and EVIDENCE of the amazing results of CROSSFIT….and this is just a physical reminder!!!! Imagine how much more the MENTAL aspect of their lives have improved!!! You guys are incredible and we are extremely proud of your accomplishments, commitment and dedication to better yourselves and the lives around you!!!!


Shawna….showing her progress from December of 2013 to March 2014….only 4 months!!!


Amie…showing her first day back at CrossFit in Feb post second C-section and then only 2 months later in the second photo!! She wanted to add that she hasn’t lost any weight on the scale!!! Just another reminder to STAY OFF THE SCALE!!! It is not a good representation of what is going on with your health!!!

Warm Up: (10 minute time cap)

Run 400 or Row 500
DROM/Pass Throughs
10 Push Ups
30 Second Handstand Hold
Duck walk the Gym
10 Pull-ups
WOD:  Clock Starts
20 Pistol Buy-in (10 each leg.  Scale as needed.)  (Meaning that you must complete before moving on)
5 Wall walks
10 pull ups
15 push-ups
Video demo of the wall walks….
***Try not to let your feet slide down the wall….walk with as much control as you can!!!



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