04/07/2014 Yoga Starts Wednesday @ 8AM!!

Yoga classes start this Wednesday 8:00-8:45 am and Saturday 10:15am!!  Please join us to work on your flexibility/mobility with instructor Kim Brodie.  Cost is 5$ per class for CrossFit Sonora members and SRMC employees and $10 for non-members.  Punch cards will be available!  Bring a yoga mat, large towel and water bottle.  Hope to see you all there!


CrossFit Sonora/Mountain Om Yoga Instructor Kim Brodie


Squat 3×5 (add 5 lb to last workout)
Press 3×5 (add 2.5 lb to last workout)


double under/snatch ladder (95/65 lbs)

begin with the prescribed weight, you have 50 seconds to perform 20 double-unders, and then one snatch. There is a 10-second “reset” time, so the athlete can add weight for the next snatch.  The athlete will add 10 lbs to the load, then perform 20 double unders and one snatch at the next weight, until the athlete can no longer continue.  Score is the highest lift completed.




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