01-27-2011 STRONG is the new skinny…

I know the boys are appreciating all these photos, but here’s why I am posting them…we’ve all seen some pretty drastic changes in many of our members recently, both the guys AND the gals.  It seems though, for some reason, the men don’t really struggle with body image as much as us girls do.  No matter how much progress we make, it never seems enough, and even though we celebrate so many accomplishments in our gym, double unders…a new PR on our deadlift…our fastest mile time ever, it seems as though we always come back to the topic of our body’s and what we’d like to change.  We all have a preconceived notion of how we think we should look but whoever gave us that idea??  Was it a magazine?  An old boyfriend?  Our parents?  Who knows?  One thing I am sure of is that we are definitely on the verge of a major change in what is considered beautiful or hot or sexy for women…

What once was looked down upon for women is now encouraged.  Guys used to wrinkle their noses at athletic girls and call us “tomboys” or “manly”, but not anymore.  Take a look at the men that surround us everyday in our gym.  The guys love it when they see you do something awesome that you’ve never done before.  Who are the ones encouraging you to keep up during the damn Indian Runs?  Who yells at you to keep your elbows up and your weight on your heels?  Who is forever asking why we can’t do more weight during the WOD’s?  IT’S THE GUYS!  Old school mentality was that a women should be in the kitchen, with a baby on her hip.  The new wave of thinking is that she should be in the kitchen with a baby on her perfectly shaped hip after a good hard workout 😉 just kidding!  Men now consider female athleticism sexy.  The boys are our biggest cheerleaders, even though they may not wish to admit that openly.  Strong is the new skinny…do a little study for yourself… just ask any guy which he’d rather have.  I bet I know what his answer will be.  The Nike ads prove it.


Heavy Thrusters (135/95 lbs)


Ab-mat sit-ups (unanchored)


“They say that nobody is perfect.  Then they tell you practice makes perfect.  I wish they’d make up their minds.”-Wilt Chamberlain


2 thoughts on “01-27-2011 STRONG is the new skinny…

  1. I like this! 🙂

    Doing some running, hiking and walking. Can’t wait to get back to you all! See you guys next week 🙂

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